Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Teaching Skills That Will Change the World

                  We are very concerned about the future of our world. We should be learning survivalists skills as individuals , and then finding ways to spread these skills across the world.  Our children and there children are becoming dependent on the upper class to survive and in actuality most of you have no idea how to change this.

When it comes to daily life a lot of us have routines that include a multitude of privileges we take for granted. In all honesty we KNOW that if we lost the same corporations we claim are evil a lot of us wouldn't make it on our own. No grocery stores means no food, no gasoline means no transportation. On a more serious note , no water , no electricity, no internet , no phone lines, no cell phone. However the sad truth is that a lot of places on our planet are without any of these things. Some thriving , Some suffering, but still its reality.
                              While the Idea of learning primitive technologies is controversial its better to know something that you didn't need to know than to need to know something you never learned.
                     So while the actual Skills learned homesteading are to numerous to list Iv made a list of a few examples. Each is a link for more information on that skill.

     homemade laundry detergent
              medicinal herbs
               wild growing medical herbs
            candle making.
            fire starting without matches
           diy hydroponics water system/ indoor gardening
            raise honey bees
            wells and alternatives to water wells
           building a garden trellis.
          construct a septic-system/ you know , where poo goes
          grafting fruit trees / lol 2 fruits 1 tree
         pioneer clothes washing
         cchain sawing
          potato bread
          build an outhouse
          sheer sheep
        help livestock give birth
         food dehydrating
           harvest and store rainwater
              milking a cow
         catch clean and cook fish
        cooking over open fire
     blacksmith trade
        wattle fencing
          egg incubation
      making soap
             build and use a wood stove
                    gathering and storing seeds
                         water storage and purification
                                  tap tree for mapel syrup
                            off grid power



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