Saturday, October 1, 2016

Political agenda, stance on Religion and divine purpose

Politics are supposed to be the efforts to merge together groups of people who are not able to communicate effectively on there own, but today communication is explosive in comparison. . While the goal of the leaders and politicians should be to calm and connect people , making the world better has been far from the actual issue in our government , and as America seemingly fades away from the illusion of organized peacekeeping and shows the core of a system created to inslave free men in debt it has become clear that the severity of reality is that the holocaust has came back around. Unfortunately , this time they are taking babies out of the loveing and capable mothers arms, you, your best friend from highschool, your own family, mothers , daughters , sisters and brothers, marking them mentally unstable or drug addicted, complete upright lies. The war on drugs IS AND WAS a war on American citizens.

Humans like all other creatures ,are naturally inclined to seek peace and comfort. While our primal instincts are overwhelmed, terrorized , and convinced of hopelessness we are aware that the leaders do not protect us , some humans build gangs and set out to defend themselves and there family and are willing to voluntarily sacrifice their own lives. Gang violence is no mysterious phenomenon its instinct to protect your own . After creating an environment psychologically manipulated into violence the narcissist draws attention to the ciaos using the fear of the thing they created to gain control . While things get worse and worse its , humans are unable to find any sanctuary and simply seek small bursts of peace. Relief from the terror, a brake from the madness , and find that in the form of substances. So , Point , if you can't find emotional safty, if they criminalize the path to relaxation, they can control vulnerable minds, and call minds seeking sanctuary enemies of the common good.

                        Woodstock shook our prison bars, its time to brake open the cage.

                                       ......... start over ......
         Gowdy , I was touched by this , and the love in your heart is illuminated by a brilliant mind.

The mothers from the stars tribe core concept is to build an environment psychologically safe for everyone . To form a community structured around true equality and dignity for everyone. Like the Amish we can work together building, teaching, feeding, and comforting each other.

 A grate insult to our species is the epidemic of homelessness, and this is not a problem with the unfortunate souls who have no shelter but in fact with the society undeserving of the diamonds its tossed under bridges and into falsely advertised concentration camps . You all have no Idea how many wonderful gifts have been lost to mankind because we ignored this travesty.However ,with The multicultural reservation I can not only give everyone there own home , but also have community events, fellowship building activities  ,support groups ,and even give everyone (resident or not) a chance to teach a class about almost anything. A trading circle will be established much like at the rainbow gatherings , allowing anyone and every one to lay out a blanket and trade goods. Community kitchens and large gardens, public bathhouses ,  man made and natural wonders , and clean lakes and rivers .. will make it a healing retreat . A garden of milk and honey which people from all over the world will be able to access.

 Sanctuary must be available to every living creature .

   Marcus Aurelius  said the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts....
Life is never good or evil but a place for good and evil...
Where a man can live he can also live well..
Reject your sense of injury and the injury disappears...
     Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.

In The Soul of Man  .... Oscar Wilde speaks of a libertarian socialist worldview and a critique of charity.
Wilde argues that, under capitalism, "the majority of people spoil their lives by an unhealthy and exaggerated altruism.
Caring people "seriously and very sentimentally set themselves to the task of remedying the evils that they see in poverty but their remedies do not cure the disease: they merely prolong it" because, as Wilde puts it, "the proper aim is to try and reconstruct society on such a basis that poverty will be impossible."
Wilde examined the political conditions necessary for full self-development and devotion to art, arguing, "Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force. There lies its immense value. For what it seeks to disturb is monotony of type, slavery of custom, tyranny of habit, and the reduction of man to the level of a machine."
With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbols for things. One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

      So while my goal will house homeless,and  help our brothers and sisters to acquire a dignity most have lost all hope of ever finding again, its so much more.

I plan to accept everyone, it doesn't matter whats in your pocket, or who you are . When you walk onto the gypsy ranch you are equal with every other.

As a black sheep, scapegoat,  myself  I have seen much of our world and feel like the majority of us that the power is under the thumb of underserved mega monsters pushing conservation of theories and thoughts that no longer hold structure . The ideals society molds are light years away from the original thoughts as it came from our wisest minds of men .

Its no secret our world is officially reached epidemic proportions of confusion.
       As many are blaming technology, if you have read my blog you know that I dont only disagree, but find that ridiculing on your own ignorance. Its the people using the technology.

  What better answer to something that you dont understand could there be than anger and fear ?

So many people are talking about the times now and how horrible things have gotten but no one wants to do anything . If no one else wants to approach this problem thats just fine donate , but as the current law forbids us from helping our own countrymen, its only a matter of time before YOU are the homeless ...We want you, We want these people , We want your sick, tiered and hungry, A mother can never have to many people to in her heart.

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