Saturday, October 1, 2016

Large scale houseing plan

The world we are living in has been molded to cast the illusion of freedom.
Our tribe is striving to build extremely large scale communities welcoming all types not based on financial, cultural differences . Housing Authority is a narcissist chess move , made only to make compassionate people who would have set out to help others think the problem is being addressed.

It is most definitely not!

In the case of most charities for the homeless the nonprofit organizations are collecting billions of dollars in the name of compassion and yet from that money they spend less than 10% on the claimed cause.
For example in Los Angeles alone  80% of the billions of dollars collected in the name of homeless was paid to the Los Angeles police , instead of helping these people they are arresting these people.
Arrested, the people are held , guilty only of not owning a home, until they agree to live in the concentration camps , behind razor wires, unable to leave on will.

The mothers from the stars tribe is disgusted by the idea that human beings can so easily be treated like livestock.

An answer so simple has been waiting in the dark all along.
Purchasing thousands of acres of private land creating a multi-cultural reservation  , build cob houses, cob is cheap and easy and its a project anyone can do. Much like the Amish building barns coming together and helping each other build the homes not only puts a roof over there heads, it also forms connections and empowers those heads!
 . People who live in the reservation will be owners of there own homes. Knowing a home belongs to them , Knowing no one can take it from them ((especialy for those who feel like the world has abandoned them, thrown them away like trash)) gives them a respect for that home , gives them a respect for you  and is giving security and support to our species at a scale never seen before.

Bringing together the tiered hungry and sick and giving them basic, hope, love, and understanding. The promise made to America was empty , its time to fill that cup.....

I have given multiple links to informative and explanatory sites .

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