Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mans attempts of controlling nature interrupt natural orders
 If  self-government of the individual is dangerous to the whole why give the illusion its available? It is a lie by those who call themselves our masters. In fact the control over the whole is threatened by individual sovereignty. They force an unnatural order , against the grain of natural order , bringing stiff unnatural pattern , that must be burnt into our minds through repetition. Increasing severity , as the human species evolves the methods of removing natures misunderstood attempts to balance out through biological redirection. Mysterious ,MANDATORY, immunizations to every child , fraudulently purposed psychotropic drugs now expected to keep a child medicated 24 hours a day.

They want you to believe the chaos in our world is a threat that surges out of control, but the truth is that "chaos" is simply the unprecedented unpredictable power of the human species. The truth is that once man is switched from survival mode into living mode it becomes a unstoppable force of creation and energy. Once we build a world where you don't have to work to pay rent and gas and water , our communities will become peaceful and safe and grow a new world of artisans and skilled specialist who work with passion.

 We are seeing steps taken in the leadership of our country that imply we are stepping toward the right direction. However our problems are many and Trump is but one man saddled with responsibilities we forgot were our own . Now ,our government though it may be headed in the right direction still follows systems policies and a bureaucracy that waste precious time . It takes time to change the system , Lost time when our countrymen are still homeless children are still starving and Wrongs are not yet righted. And through this time we are witnessing the dark forces trying to implement sabotage amongst us.  and we all know we can count on the wicked and corrupt to keep using their loopholes and abusing their power until their gig is up .
                    We can't force immediate, dramatic change on all of America , and honestly we wouldn't want to. No one wants to build a home out of wood full of termite tunnels. We know we don't want to be trapped in a Jumanji game ,FORCED TO PLAY,  DAMNED IF YOU DO DAMNED IF YOU DONT ...And so we are creating a sanctuary ....a place to find peace and safety to create Common Ground where we can come together in peace . We won't pretend to have an answer for every issue , or that we have ironed out all the details, but this is the beautiful thing about building a fresh society. The purpose is to create a environment where we can live free. A place where the pointless and corrupt restrictions and limitation don't exist .To practice life as though human and civil rights actually exit without interrupting the rest of the country. Our system leaves a lot of issues  to the state to decide , and its supposed to give US the ability to make decisions based on what's best for the individuals in our area.

 However ,Today there are a large number of American citizens who have their human rights ignored. With NO state able to protect those rights , It is our goal to create a place where we can pull together and protect each other. 

        We The People can take back our rights .. But we have to stand together.


Friday, September 8, 2017

white buffalo sanctuary

Mothers From the Stars

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               We will soon be on kick-starter  , and we are currently looking for volunteers with medical , law enforcement , and military experience  contact or with inquiries.


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political agenda ,stance on religion ,and goal

safty of self jurisdictiton

large scale housing plan

the rainbow family


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Teaching Skills That Will Change the World

                  We are very concerned about the future of our world. We should be learning survivalists skills as individuals , and then finding ways to spread these skills across the world.  Our children and there children are becoming dependent on the upper class to survive and in actuality most of you have no idea how to change this.

When it comes to daily life a lot of us have routines that include a multitude of privileges we take for granted. In all honesty we KNOW that if we lost the same corporations we claim are evil a lot of us wouldn't make it on our own. No grocery stores means no food, no gasoline means no transportation. On a more serious note , no water , no electricity, no internet , no phone lines, no cell phone. However the sad truth is that a lot of places on our planet are without any of these things. Some thriving , Some suffering, but still its reality.
                              While the Idea of learning primitive technologies is controversial its better to know something that you didn't need to know than to need to know something you never learned.
                     So while the actual Skills learned homesteading are to numerous to list Iv made a list of a few examples. Each is a link for more information on that skill.

     homemade laundry detergent
              medicinal herbs
               wild growing medical herbs
            candle making.
            fire starting without matches
           diy hydroponics water system/ indoor gardening
            raise honey bees
            wells and alternatives to water wells
           building a garden trellis.
          construct a septic-system/ you know , where poo goes
          grafting fruit trees / lol 2 fruits 1 tree
         pioneer clothes washing
         cchain sawing
          potato bread
          build an outhouse
          sheer sheep
        help livestock give birth
         food dehydrating
           harvest and store rainwater
              milking a cow
         catch clean and cook fish
        cooking over open fire
     blacksmith trade
        wattle fencing
          egg incubation
      making soap
             build and use a wood stove
                    gathering and storing seeds
                         water storage and purification
                                  tap tree for mapel syrup
                            off grid power



Monday, October 3, 2016

Why we've been hiding, and Why emerge now...Political head shamanic dakini ((elected))


Its no secret that no matter who you are or how good and honest your intention are if you want to help or harm or are indifferent, threatening to wound the wrong persons money tree can and will sign your death warrant.  In the last 20 years we have lost over 8 religious leaders ,30 chiefs , 15 elders, and 150 members , all dead 'while acting' in the act of standing up for liberty and justice. Our Tribe has members in blue, seeing other members the locked away under false charges . Our tribe has hundreds of families who lost children to a corrupt court systems. Yet, the only way to actually help the people on this planet is to STAY HIDDEN , no dogma can deem us evil, no political power can see to our extinction. Tribes around the world are dismantled and dissolved on purpose as the threat of the connection with earth and truth are hated and feared. Hitler's face was associated to the holocaust and as the identifiable enemy but rest assured no one man caused that nasty mess , and as the minds behind the mass of knowledge are knowingly involved in the united states political and military systems. The simplicity of the way the leaders today are maneuvered and controlled the exact same way Hitler had been by doctors and handlers has struck our elders with terrifying clarity.

                     The choice of sending American citizens ((purposely made homeless ))to camps when they misused taxpayer money that could have by far solved the problem long long ago and even given other ((not homeless ))American citizens homestead security has given us cause to step up and make a call to the American public. This is only going to get worse. Take back our home.    

Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination

This Is the Number of Innocent People Murdered by Governments. Are You Anti-State Yet?read entire story

Being antigovernment is the logical result of taking a close look at the state and its bloody works.

Rummel's 1997 book, Power Kills, stated his case most strongly, but he nicely summarized the argument on his website:
It is true that democratic freedom is an engine of national and individual wealth and prosperity. Hardly known, however, is that freedom also saves millions of lives from famine, disease, war, collective violence, and democide (genocide and mass murder). That is, the more freedom, the greater the human security and the less the violence. Conversely, the more power governments have, the more human insecurity and violence.

The elected face of Mothers of The Stars ... shamanic dakini.....

                            Minka ''Sati'' Alexander

religious leader

                                    I'm a widowed mother DEAD SET on changing the entire world. Im a widow who was a professional tattoo artist for 12 years. Originally raised in a emotionally abusive home, I learned early on that this country sets up our young people to fail , and destroying there lives means nothing when it pads the pockets of our dictator.

In 2013 I became a priestess after I became a widow and started traveling the world searching for answers leading to enlightenment and Divine understanding. As a female tattoo artist I move freely through different cultures, and different types of people ...extremely easily. I have quite literally tattooed on multiple members of rival gangs not only in the same day but in the same room.
                     Often people see me and dont.want to look past the blue hair and 200 tattoos, but thats life. Discrimination is no foreign concept to me, and because of that im extremely passionate about it. Equality is like a myth in America now, and the fact that we are NOT protected by our protectors ((but became the targets)), and NOT given justice by our justice system((but are exploited for our lunch money  )) has only one answer to me , come together and build a garden of Eden.

Ultimately the choice to accept this title came with a number of both responsibilities and dangers.
 While the pros and cons of the world knowing my face and name had been considered by everyone the final decision was up to me. I would hold responsibility for a group who had been hiding from the public eye , and more importantly from government and non government groups for centuries. Secret societies have been operating profit scams and deadly conspiracies worldwide since the beginning of time. As long as the practice of misleading masses to profit from there ignorance of good men , groups  have been secretly have fighting to help the innocent victims.
But not every son fallows his fathers path.

                              ''quoted from our elders''

"Have no doubt, the role taken here is EXTREMELY dangerous. This is our Martin Luther King, so share our  message and remember this face, because if any harm comes to the elected spokesman for
   our tribe you will have only scratched our surface, and as a tribe undocumented in the united states ,and hidden in every crack of your civilization  rest assured we are ''THE LARGEST'' tribe in your universe.'' 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Political agenda, stance on Religion and divine purpose

Politics are supposed to be the efforts to merge together groups of people who are not able to communicate effectively on there own, but today communication is explosive in comparison. . While the goal of the leaders and politicians should be to calm and connect people , making the world better has been far from the actual issue in our government , and as America seemingly fades away from the illusion of organized peacekeeping and shows the core of a system created to inslave free men in debt it has become clear that the severity of reality is that the holocaust has came back around. Unfortunately , this time they are taking babies out of the loveing and capable mothers arms, you, your best friend from highschool, your own family, mothers , daughters , sisters and brothers, marking them mentally unstable or drug addicted, complete upright lies. The war on drugs IS AND WAS a war on American citizens.

Humans like all other creatures ,are naturally inclined to seek peace and comfort. While our primal instincts are overwhelmed, terrorized , and convinced of hopelessness we are aware that the leaders do not protect us , some humans build gangs and set out to defend themselves and there family and are willing to voluntarily sacrifice their own lives. Gang violence is no mysterious phenomenon its instinct to protect your own . After creating an environment psychologically manipulated into violence the narcissist draws attention to the ciaos using the fear of the thing they created to gain control . While things get worse and worse its , humans are unable to find any sanctuary and simply seek small bursts of peace. Relief from the terror, a brake from the madness , and find that in the form of substances. So , Point , if you can't find emotional safty, if they criminalize the path to relaxation, they can control vulnerable minds, and call minds seeking sanctuary enemies of the common good.

                        Woodstock shook our prison bars, its time to brake open the cage.

                                       ......... start over ......
         Gowdy , I was touched by this , and the love in your heart is illuminated by a brilliant mind.

The mothers from the stars tribe core concept is to build an environment psychologically safe for everyone . To form a community structured around true equality and dignity for everyone. Like the Amish we can work together building, teaching, feeding, and comforting each other.

 A grate insult to our species is the epidemic of homelessness, and this is not a problem with the unfortunate souls who have no shelter but in fact with the society undeserving of the diamonds its tossed under bridges and into falsely advertised concentration camps . You all have no Idea how many wonderful gifts have been lost to mankind because we ignored this travesty.However ,with The multicultural reservation I can not only give everyone there own home , but also have community events, fellowship building activities  ,support groups ,and even give everyone (resident or not) a chance to teach a class about almost anything. A trading circle will be established much like at the rainbow gatherings , allowing anyone and every one to lay out a blanket and trade goods. Community kitchens and large gardens, public bathhouses ,  man made and natural wonders , and clean lakes and rivers .. will make it a healing retreat . A garden of milk and honey which people from all over the world will be able to access.

 Sanctuary must be available to every living creature .

   Marcus Aurelius  said the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts....
Life is never good or evil but a place for good and evil...
Where a man can live he can also live well..
Reject your sense of injury and the injury disappears...
     Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.

In The Soul of Man  .... Oscar Wilde speaks of a libertarian socialist worldview and a critique of charity.
Wilde argues that, under capitalism, "the majority of people spoil their lives by an unhealthy and exaggerated altruism.
Caring people "seriously and very sentimentally set themselves to the task of remedying the evils that they see in poverty but their remedies do not cure the disease: they merely prolong it" because, as Wilde puts it, "the proper aim is to try and reconstruct society on such a basis that poverty will be impossible."
Wilde examined the political conditions necessary for full self-development and devotion to art, arguing, "Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force. There lies its immense value. For what it seeks to disturb is monotony of type, slavery of custom, tyranny of habit, and the reduction of man to the level of a machine."
With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbols for things. One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

      So while my goal will house homeless,and  help our brothers and sisters to acquire a dignity most have lost all hope of ever finding again, its so much more.

I plan to accept everyone, it doesn't matter whats in your pocket, or who you are . When you walk onto the gypsy ranch you are equal with every other.

As a black sheep, scapegoat,  myself  I have seen much of our world and feel like the majority of us that the power is under the thumb of underserved mega monsters pushing conservation of theories and thoughts that no longer hold structure . The ideals society molds are light years away from the original thoughts as it came from our wisest minds of men .

Its no secret our world is officially reached epidemic proportions of confusion.
       As many are blaming technology, if you have read my blog you know that I dont only disagree, but find that ridiculing on your own ignorance. Its the people using the technology.

  What better answer to something that you dont understand could there be than anger and fear ?

So many people are talking about the times now and how horrible things have gotten but no one wants to do anything . If no one else wants to approach this problem thats just fine donate , but as the current law forbids us from helping our own countrymen, its only a matter of time before YOU are the homeless ...We want you, We want these people , We want your sick, tiered and hungry, A mother can never have to many people to in her heart.